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Mining in 0.10+ codebase

UFO Core 0.10.0 works a bit differently from 0.9.0 and older versions.  UFO is actually the first coin of the NeoScrypt family to upgrade to 0.10.0, thus the NSGMiner had to be updated as well to work with 0.10+ clients. To solo mine please download and use NSGMiner 0.9.3. The Bitcoin 0.10 codebase removes getwork and relies

Mining in 0.10+ codebase

Hard Fork – Block 1,182,000

IMPORTANT: eHRC – Hard Fork – Block 1,182,000 An advanced difficulty adjustment algorithm has been successfully tested on the 0.10 wallet in testnet and will be enabled on the mainnet on block 1,182,000. Please make sure you have upgraded before then. The difficulty adjust after the change uses eHRC (enhanced Hash Rate Calculation) which is

Hard Fork – Block 1,182,000

UFO Core 0.10 Released

Our work continues with UFO Core 0.10 which is to bring major improvements to the code as listed below. IMPORTANT: eHRC – Hard Fork – Block 1,182,000 NSGminer 0.9.3 Please note that UFO 0.10 removes the getwork RPC call from the client. getwork allowed external miners to find a suitable hash but left block creation

UFO Core 0.10 Released

About UFO

UFO Coin is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for safely transferring value worldwide

Neoscrypt Powered

The innovative blending of several hashing algorithms within Neoscrypt creates stronger encryption and thus an extra layer of protection to the network.

Strong, safe, fast

The implementation of certain safety features, combined with the strong nature of Neoscrypt, the lightning fast speed and negligibly low transactions fees make UFO the perfect choice for value transfer.

Everyone's coin

Neoscrypt’s architecture is taking decentralization to the next level by being ASIC resistant, thus, anyone with a desktop computer can mine UFO coins and be part of the network.

Long term development

UFO’s team of experienced and enthusiastic developers have drawn its long term technical roadmap. See below for more information.

UFO 2017 - 2018 ROADMAP

UFO Core 0.9.0 (Complete)

Autotools for building
UFO-cli utility – Separate RPC from client
OP_RETURN provably unspendable outputs


UFO Core 0.10.0 (Complete)

Faster synchronization
Dynamic transaction fees
REST interface
Improved signing security
Watch-only support
Consensus library
Relaxed P2SH address rules
UFO-tx utility
Strict DER encoding for signatures


UFO Core 0.11.0 (In Progress)

Block file pruning
Big endian support
Memory usage optimization
Stream isolation for Tor


UFO Core 0.12.0

Manual Pruning
Nested RPC Commands
Network Activity Toggle
Out-of-sync Modal Info Layer
JSON-RPC Named Arguments
Retaining the Mempool Across Restarts
UTXO memory accounting


UFO Core 0.13.0

Segregated witness:

Elimination of unwanted transaction malleability
Capacity increase
Weighting data based on how it affects node performance
Signature covers value
Linear scaling of sighash operations
Increased security for multisig
More efficient almost-full-node security
Script versioning

Database cache memory increased
Compact Block support
Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation
New bytespersigop implementation


UFO Core 0.XX.0

Lightning Network


Technical details, downloads and other information about UFO


    Proof of Work (PoW)
    NeoScrypt hashing algorithm. CPU and GPU mining allowed. NVIDIA cards can also be used to mine NeoScrypt
    90 sec block time
    1250 coins reward per block
    ~4 billion coins total
    6 confirmations per transaction
    Coin created on 2nd of January 2014


    NeoScrypt – The newest Scrypt hashing algorithm uses blended Salsa 20/20 and Chacha 20/20, Blake2s for hashing and FastKDF. Read the Whitepaper.

    Nite’s Gravity Well – This allows for rapid response to hash rate changes and recovery from high difficulty.

    Time Warp Manipulability – Will be reduced to the point where its effect is negligible.

    Automatic Checkpointing – This vital feature for any coin prevents transaction roll back from 51% attacks.


    Buy and sell UFO on the following trading platforms. Please note that trading any cryptocurrency has risks as markets can be unpredictable.


    Mining software:

    NVIDIA: CCMiner
    AMD: NeoScrypt miner v0.9.3 (Zip)
    NeoScrypt miner v.0.9.3 (Source)

    Example NeoScrypt miner config (differs for each graphics card):
    nsgminer –neoscrypt -w 128 -I 13 -o -u username -p your_password –no-getwork –no-stratum –verbose –text-only –coinbase-addr your_address

    Mining Pools:
    Ispace pool



Our Team

Meet the guys behind UFO


Lead Developer

Peter Bushnell

Peter launched Feathercoin in 2013 and joined UFO in 2014. His journey into cryptocurrency started in 2011 mining Bitcoin before shifting interest into the varied world of alternative cryptocurrencies. Before starting Feathercoin he worked for Brasenose, one of the Oxford University colleges, for 11 years developing administrative systems.


IT Specialist

Rick Xonar

Rick is a Microsoft and ProLiant/Linux Integration Certified Professional with 30 years of experience in the IT field. He provides all-around technical support and social media feedback with his legendary English skills.


Social Media


A core member of the UFO team since 2014., daimyo handles social media and does all the graphics for the client and official website


Financial Support

Marat Kutaranov

Marat has been a crypto currency enthusiast since 2011 and an advocate for Feathercoin and NeoScrypt used by both Feathercoin and UFO. He runs an offline business and helps support crypto currency development.


The UFO project is open source and 100% community managed, therefore, its success depends on our collective and active involvement.

If you have a question and are seeking help, please connect via bitcointalk or reddit