Our mission by setting up this website is to keep the community informed about important events related to the UFO Coin project, concisely describe how the technology works, issue alerts, help users avoid common mistakes, inform them about the best practices, attract talented people to help improve the technology and the popularity of the protocol.


Our mission is to promote decentralization, improve and spread the adoption of the blockchain technology by active development and promotion. To achieve this, we have drawn an extensive roadmap, underlining the upcoming improvement and changes that are to be brought to the UFO core.

The UFO network after being updated to the latest available codebase will add a Lightning Network allowing rapid transactions, bi-directional payment channels, atomic swaps between other cryptocurrencies as well as many other features. Post SegWit enablement, a web hosted wallet will be available with Multisig and SegWit address support and Raw Transaction tools.

An overview of the development plan can be found under the roadmap section and more detailed information for current and past releases can be found in the news section.


The Roadmap is currently visible on the Home Page of this website.


UFO is an open source project that relies on the collective community commitment. Therefore, its success depends on your active and positive involvement. You can contribute by helping with promotion, development/coding, reporting on problems, translation or donating. If you have anything to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.